Thursday, December 18, 2008

In a Nutshell...

Mood: pooped out
Loving: that my Christmas shopping is done, Secret Santa is tomorrow at my work and school is ALMOST done
Hating: the crazy customers that I had to deal with at work
Want: to sleep (my mother fell asleep on the couch beside me, I envy her)
Need: a kleenex
I wish: that Survivor were still on and I didn't have to go to school tomorrow
Background track: some television show, I think its 30 Rock
Today: worked, slept in, went to the play school party, worked at the NY bake sale... so much, yet it seems so irrelevant now that I think about my day
One thing I wish I did today: was go to Second Cup for a London Fog
One thing I wish I hadn't done today: spoke to the vice principal and get confused about how I should handle a situation
Yesterday: I can barely remember, other than blogging in French with my friends
Tomorrow: last day of school :D
My Week: our poster got ripped down because they were "offensive", so we put them back up heehee sticking it to the man in action

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I said...

That's right. London fogs fix everything. =D