Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What if you should decide...

Remember in grade 10 when you need to take Careers? This half-semester course devoted to making sure that all the students are set on the path for the future. Unfortunately, many of us did not know what we wanted to do. Some of us still don't.

Well it was finally this year, when I discovered that I wanted to be a journalist. Now it might seem rash, but this decision seemed to fit perfectly. Since I was young, I was always told that I was a great writer. Not that I want to fulfill my parents' dreams, but I honestly did love to write. Unlike most people, I don't mind sitting down for an hour and writing an essay (well, in English mind you). And the thing is I can crank out pieces in just a short time that actually sound good, and like I put lots of effect into them. This year, I decided to put my mouth into action, well rather set my fingers tapping on my laptop. In September I started to write for our school newpaper. It was something I always sneered at, but I realized heck, the people aren't that bad, and really its something that I want to do. The club has taught me about deadlines and researching. Today the second issue came out and two of my articles dominated the front page! This is a really exciting thing for an aspiring journalist and even someone who just wants to let others hear their voice.

Here are some of MY tips for aspiring writers:
- use the thesaurus, its great and adds variety to your writing
- look in the dictionary (the actual paper one) and use at least one word you do not yet know in each piece of writing. It surprisingly increases your vocabulary.
- Do your research first. Read other articles written on the same topic for inspiration and see how your opinion differs.
- Watch some videos on YouTube about the topic, you can get some great quotes.
- PROOF READ! So many people don't do it, and it makes your writing look unprofessional. And when proofreading, print it off. Surprisingly, it is easier to see errors and will give you an idea of what it will look like in the end.
- Read the newspaper often. It will give you an idea about whats going on in current events. You don't want to be writing about the high cost of gas when its 79 cents at the pump...

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