Sunday, December 14, 2008

Somewhere Between Unsure and 100

I will not even begin to try and tell you how many times I have asked what school I am going to and all the other small details that seem all so important. Its kind of like pregnancy. Just because you have a big belly even random strangers believe that they have a right to touch it. Creepy... So this comes to university applications, my oh so favourite topic. With the holidays around the corner, family gatherings have begun to consume my weekend. So when you get together with the people you haven't seen since last December, it is the topic of choice. I mean, what kind of stressed-out 17-year old wouldn't love to answer questions about the all to imminent future?

So in the last week of school, teachers love to cram in all those "last-minute" I.S. bloody U. essays and "minor" assignments. So while I write 1000 words in both English and French, I will also look at the future me? What would older, wiser and hopefully richer me be doing? The sad thing is what I see now could be startlingly different from what I actually do do. All it takes is one small diversion from the path, and bang your destination is completely altered. My problem is that some of the programs I am applying for have portfolios. So while I may have a 92 average, if my portfolio sucks, I'm not getting in. Its a sad reality, but if you have the smarts, but the wrong smarts, no one cares! I listen to everyone with their dream school, and their back-ups I realize that I don't have one. Not a single one! It worries me sometimes, but really why would I get my hopes up for something that can never be sure.

While some may say I'm crazy to have not picked a school, heck, maybe I'm the smart one.

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