Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's Such a Beautiful Thing- Ka-Ching!

I understand that it may be considered lame to post more than once a day. Heck, many people spend their lives doing much more interesting and memorable things, but I need to vent. Sadly, my blog is a vent spot and the "ooh look at this cool thing" area of my life. Ok, so I watch "The Biggest Loser". And I am a bad person for it. Not because it may be considered a pathetic show, but because I watch it to feel better about me. Anyway, no more about what an immoral person I am. So there is a lovely commerical for the newest show "The Secret Millionaire", originally a British reality show. Secret my arse! The whole premise for this show is that rich people go live with poor people and are like "oh my god, not everyone spends a thousand dollars on a coat... for their dog!" WOW, newsflash! And at the end of this amazing revelation, the "secret" millionaire gives the family some money. Now I am all for charity. I love charity. But please, please do not publicize it. By doing this, it means that the only reason one would give charitable donations is so that everyone else knows how great they are. Humanity, where are you? Can people no longer just reach out to someone in need, or the less fortunate fellow man.
So now the average American will have millionaires knocking on their door. Please do not open it! (Ok, I'm joking) I know that many of these people could use the money. Heck, so many people live below the poverty line. But if it takes a television show for people to give back, I do not want to know where the world is going thank you very much.
Sorry Fox, but do not expect me to tune in. I know that one viewer will not alter their decision to air this mockery of a show, but morally I don't want it. I'll stick to the Biggest Loser for now. :)

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