Sunday, June 13, 2010

Love Hate Relationship

I realized a few days ago how often I say that I hate something. Not in a way that conveys passion for the detested object, but in a casual, nonchalant manner.

Now let me back up a moment. I recently started a new job at the University of Guelph-Humber as a START (Student Transition and Resource Team) leader. I will be assisting in the various programs that both help recruit high school students and transition them into the university world. Last weekend, I underwent training for this position and had the time of my life. I know this phrase is overused, but it was an awesome experience to be working, and playing, with people that were so open and friendly. (Having an addition job in the fast food industry, I daily see how rude and ignorant people can be. Perhaps this is a generalization, but the laziness and inconsiderate attitude of some people ceases to amaze me.) During this training session, we had an activity where we each got to write on others' picture page why they were special. From a religious standpoint, I know that as an individual I am special. Yet, I don't continually reaffirm this idea. Looking back at those comments makes me smile.  However I noticed that overwhelmingly these people saw me as a positive person.

Which brings me back to the idea of hating things. I feel like I dwell too much on the things I dislike about my surroundings or situation simply because it has been easier for me to notice these things, sticking out like a sore thumb of discomfort. I vow to now start more sentences with I love, or I like, or I enjoy than the negatives. I feel like its my duty to all those people that saw the "positive", "kind" and "outgoing" girl that I really can be.

  • I like watching the sunset at my cottage.
  • I like listening to the rain inside under a tin roof.
  • I like driving with the windows down on a warm day, letting the wind blow my hair.
  • I like pondering questions that people feel are too trivial or absurb.
  • I like watching How I Met Your Mother when I'm home sick.
  • I like sitting down and putting my legs up after a long day of work.
  • I like having friends call and ask me to do something, as it makes me feel more loved.
  • I like listening to the Glee soundtrack and singing aloud as if I'm the newest character on the show.
  • I like making mundane tasks, like housework, fun by dancing.

What do you love? And do you acknowledge the awesome things in life?
These two questions have lead me to adore the Awesome Project blog. Check out the link on the main page.