Monday, December 15, 2008

Boredom Buster

You could say I'm lame because sometimes I spend my lunches sitting on the disgusting drama room floor. Well today, here I am typing during my lunch in the dark (My friend Avery is sleeping, she is sick). So with nothing else to do and the inability to read due to the darkness, I have decided to make a masterpiece on paint. I have a Mac and I dont have the paint application, so its quite fun when you get to fiddle around with something you dont have access to everyday. Anyway, I am notorious for the phrase "Erin wuvs kitties" (dont ask it was a drama showcase thing) and now everything I do has to somehow link to kittens and cute things in general. So voila! And thanks to google for responding with a bizillion images when I keyed in the term cute. Who woulda thought?

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