Monday, January 26, 2009


With exams past, and the future seeming like a blank slate, I can't wait to grab my crayons and get to work. While some were satisfied with the simplistic eight colours, I needed all 92 that Crayola had to offer as a child. I prided myself on my ability to stay within the lines, mix shades and add some pizzazz to the bland outlines.
I thrive off of creativity and the ability to feed my imagination. Every week, I grab the Ideas section of the Toronto Star before anyone else. I tend to stick to the front page, not bothering to crack open the paper, unless I am intrigued by some tidbit. "Ten Things We Learned This Week". They are random, useless, pointless, and humourous. Yet, I look forward to reading it every week- religiously, you might say. It has sparked a curiousity, a thirst to look beyond what everyone else is focused on and to seek what is not important but interesting. So often, I think in life, we are pushed to get the right answers. Math, science and sometimes the most subjective, english, have strict and rigid answers. There is no appreciation for thoughts outside of the box. While the box offers comfort and the security which comes with being in the crowd, I love seeing the other perspectives that life has to offer.
Photographers often have multiple lens to capture light and highlight aspects of a picture. Writers can do this as well. By looking at a story at different angles, one can often gain insight into what others see. While I do not aspire to be an artist, I think that everyone has an artist- even just a bit- inside them. I was not born with a silver paintbrush in my mouth, but I still love to see the beauty of life and the odd quirks on humanity.

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