Saturday, January 10, 2009

On Fire

I having been feeling uninspired. This drought has plagued me for the last several weeks, thus explaining my lack of posts. For a writer, this is certain death. Though I try with all my might, I can not put my fingers to the keyboard. I will write aimlessly yet eventually delete it knowing that my thoughts run dry and worthless. After the countless hours spent on projects and essays galore, it seems that the creativity has been zapped from me and replaced by words such as "tendencies" and "pertaining to".

Though the holidays are lit with excitement and youth, January brings no warm memories for many. While we associate the Christmas season with white snow, it seems that on the first of the month, the snow turns brown, slushy, the kind that sticks to your shoes and is dragged around into clean carpets. The decorations are stripped from the trees, which will later be thrown to the curbs or packed away into the basement. Instead of marveling at the gifts, people anxiously await the mail, hoping that the fortunes have blessed them with the Visa win what you buy.

So it is no wonder that I lack the strength to bring my fingers to the keyboard to write to the mass. It is simply that time of year again. Until the snow melts, I fear for the worst. Inspiration is coming, and I'll be on fire! But for now, we shall endure the cold.

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