Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

There are those certain points in time when we all realize the importance of those around us. With the winter blues, most days seem mundane, or for lack of a better word, "blah", yet the special ones which past by so fleeting remind us of the goodness that winter still has to offer. Although January has brought us many days of frigid weather, the impact of friends and fellowship can live the heart toasty for days to come.
Anyone who has come into contact with me, knows that my birthday has passed on January 16th. Under the assumption I was going to dinner with my boyfriend, I floated through the day, slightly saddened that this milestone event was being overlooked by my friends and family. As my boyfriend and I rode around town aimlessly, waiting until our 7:30 reservation, I was hit with the worst news a birthday girl could get- he forget his wallet. As I nagged, yelled, whined, fretted and rolled my eyes, I bitterly drove us back home to retrieve this absent wallet. Awaiting me there were my friends and my family, hidden in the stairwell, and poised to surprise me.
My mother has always taught me to count my blessings, rather than to look for the faults that life seems to illuminate. So while it may to easy to look at the dreary weather present, or curse the wind chill, remember to make the most of the situation. While my lemons may have been the forgotten wallet, the lemonade ended up being sweeter than I could have imagined. Those around us are often underestimated in the grand scheme, yet take the time to appreciate them and value each singular moment they have to offer.

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