Thursday, February 12, 2009

In a Nutshell...

Mood: The all encapsulating "meh"
Loving: Being able to relax and unwind before a busy weekend. I feel for my friends like Lindsay who have dedicated themselves to a bit too much :)
Hating: People in general
Want: no school tomorrow, but sadly I have to go for half the day
Need: to stop smearing my newly polished nails
I wish: nothing today, I'm feeling pretty fulfilled
Background track: the new season of Survivor in HD, the only way to watch TV
Today: overall uneventful
One thing I wish I did today: go to Licks for a homeburger :)
One thing I wish I hadn't done today: sat in the drama room and be bitter, which was exactly the opposite of what I intended to do
Yesterday: same old, same old
Tomorrow: my make-shift Valentine's Day, because I am going out with the girls on the 14th
My Week: opened my eyes to a lot of things...

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