Friday, February 13, 2009

Twas Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th is always associated with black cats, unfortunate luck and that creepy movie which is coming out on the same day as its namesake. Yet, this Friday the 13th, I am going out for Valentine's Day. Its a little weird, but with my schedule its how my weekend worked out. But this whole idea of Friday the 13th got me thinking about why we as a society are so superstitious about this one day.
Largely, the theories behind Friday the 13th are related to religion. Some theorize that the day Christ died was Friday the 13th, denoting that it is a day of evil and the death of all goodness. Throughout this religion and looking at Christian art, there are many different representations with 13 being an unlucky number.
Not only in Christianity, but in mythology, the number 13 has chilled people. In some tales, particularly at the banquet of Valhalla, the thirteenth and uninvited guest was the God of Deceit. As well, there are many ties with the infamous thirteen is pagan rituals.
If one dives further into this topic, they can see that historical "villians" have names containing thirteen letters, such as Jack the Ripper. (4+3+6=13) There are many examples of the ill-representation of the number in popular culture, myths and movies. Though I believe that all these examples as to why Friday the 13th is feared are merely coincidence. It takes much time and effect to think of this reasons. For example, my sister's name contains 13 letters, yet she isn't a mass murderer, nor a psychopath. See for yourself. Is Friday the 13th all that bad?

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