Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Secrets Don't Make Friends... Since When?!

Wow, what happened with posting?!
Life is what happened I guess you could say in the most cliche way possible.
Though that statement in itself would be a lie. I think in the quiet-ish moments of life, I realize how much time I spend doing mundane meaningless tasks that ultimately add up to the biggest waste. Perhaps this can be considered cynical. Maybe its realistic. While I appreciate the journey, sometimes I also like to see the end result. Recently, it feels like I've had tunnel vision- I can see this light, but I have no idea what it is, nor how I will get there. There is only a long-winding path in front of me.

Random update: Lately, I have become interested in secrets. I've always been a nosy person. Sue me. But it happens to be a great trait for a media student. I can always be on the pulse of what's current because I have an eye- and an ear- out for everything that's happening around me. It started when my professor lectured on social networking sites, like Twitter (my personal nemesis). After reading into the topic, I best liked the description of these activities as a "publicized whisper". Its an oxymoron when you break it all down, but the idea of making public, private intrigued me. This idea can be applied to what is my current addiction- PostSecret. Every Sunday this fellow blogger posts new "secrets", each written on a postcard that further illustrates and brings to life the ideas presented. Each weekend I look forward to reading what people are revealing to the public. Though there are no names posted with the secrets, I believe that the experience of seeing your own secret online must be both freeing and terrifying.

Maybe this is because I've always been somewhat of a private person. (This idea in itself must seem questionable considering I engage in the blogging process) But in all honesty, many people have pointed out the elusive "wall" that I can build up. Yes, I am friendly, but to a point. Its something about the human race that begs not to be trusted. I myself am an oxymoron- I'm a romantic, yet a cynic. A neat freak, but a procrastinator. A friend, and at the same time guarded.

Being inspired by PostSecrets, and the many other individuals who are revealing their secrets virally, I am going to let you in on some of my little "secrets". I can't promise they will be juicy, or scandalous, but they are little pieces of myself that I am slowly able to reveal to people just like me.

Secret One: Even though I have my own laptop, I use of iPod Touch to Google things I wouldn't want my parents to find out about. (neurotic much?!)

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