Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Story of My Life...

Now maybe I'm showing my adoration of pop music, but does anyone else remember that Amanda Marshall song "Everybody's Got a Story"? In all songs I pick a favourite line, or lyric. From her's, its "dig deeper, deeper than the image that you see".

It got me thinking about all the facades we put up in public, perhaps based on the situation, the people involved or the mood we're in. Now, I could go off into some cliche rant about public perception and some sappy bullshit about "being the true you"- but I'll save you the melodramatics. More than often, I believe it's up to the person on the receiving end to interpret and "dig" past the front that the other individual is using as a shield. Because of this philosophy, I'm known as a chronic over-analyzer. Shock of all shock! I nit-pick, I theorize, I dramatize and segment every little moment, action and word uttered by someone. It gets me in trouble, it sometimes gets my hopes up, but oftentimes it's fun to fantasize about what could be.

My mother always told me I had a vivid imagination. I could sit down and create an entire storyline around a single character or a song lyric. Oddly enough my posts are usually inspired by a song playing in the background of my life. (By this I mean that I always have music playing: whether it be at work, in the car, at home, or that damn tune that you can't get out of your head) This also means I am a closet "shower singer", although evidently this metaphorical closet I speak of is not very sound-proof. My imagination leads me to often weave the moments of my life together into a dramatic narrative. I was recently joking around with my friend that I was going to write the great American novel based on my first year of university. And sure enough, I went home and started typing. I soon realized that while the events seemed dramatic and awe-inspiring, strung together they seemed quite insignificant in the whole scheme of things. Nonetheless, I love the story of my life. There are moment of triumph, heart break and pure stupidity. Sometimes there is a narrative that can be compared to the majority of tweeny hits, other times I would be bored to tears reading how I sat and painted my nails while watching endless episodes of Kitchen Nightmares.

So what would your story be like? An epic adventure, a romance or a comic strip?
And better yet, would you change the plot like if you were the author, armed with a giant eraser and pencil?

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