Thursday, July 29, 2010

25 Questions, a la Facebook

Like pretty much everyone on the Internet these days, I have a Facebook account which I use more than I probably should. Yes, it's useful and helps you connect with friends, but it still has that element of creepiness that alludes me, as I continue to post personal information. Last year, there was a "chain letter" style note going around, asking you to post 25 things about yourself that the average person in your life might not know. Reading through it today, I laughed thinking of the things that had changed, or remained the same, and most of all the things that I felt were important in my life. Even though its only been a year, I have changed drastically since then. Here's Erin in 2009:

  • When I was three and living in Montreal, my best friend was a boy Therin. (lame rhyming names) and I thought we were going to get married one day. Sorry Therin, I've moved on.
  • When I was in kindergarten, I meowed to the Canadian national anthem
  • Sometimes I think I remember events from my childhood but its really just a photograph I saw.
  • I can fold my tongue.
  • I have never eaten a burger at McDonalds, even though I work there.
  • I legitimately wanted to be a princess as a kid.
  • Yesterday, I thought I wanted to scrap book for a living. How, I dont know??
  • I sometimes clench my fists and try to look tough when I walk past scary-looking people.
  • I struggle to touch my toes, so every night I attempt to. (remember the fitness test in grade 9 gym anyone?)
  • Sometimes during tests or exams, I will stare at people, believing I am channeling their smart energy.
  • I have a computer routine: hotmail, gmail, facebook, puzzle
  • I'm anxious about who I'm going to room with in New York this year.
  • I hate that I haven't been accepted into any universities yet, and I am jealous of those that have.
  • I watch shows like The Bachelor, True Beauty and all that none sense religiously. If I miss it, I will find it on ROD.
  • I still want to live in Mississauga when I grow up.
  • I am scared of moving out, that's why I'm not going far for university or living in residence. However, I constantly pick out things I want in my imaginary apartment.
  • I LOVE Andy Warhol.
  • I have dressed up in an elephant suit and entertained children.
  • I have a blog but no one reads it. (
  • I bit my fingernails. Unfortunately my mother has bought me disgusting cream.
  • I am obsessed with being on time for everything.
  • I own more coats and shoes than I think I could possibly wear.
  • I pride myself on my present wrapping skills.
  • I had no clue that I was having a surprise party for my 18th birthday, really truly.
  • This probably took me longer than it should have.

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